Monday, December 10, 2012

Online Job Training .

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is an Internet marketing school designed to teach you everything you would need to know about selling your products online. No only can you sell your products and services, you can also get hired by companies looking for the same thing. Check out for more information.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tom Antion Testimonial from Sharon Sayler

Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking

Sharon Sayler explains how Tom Antion's ebook "The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking" helped her.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Corinne Gregory's Testimonial For The "Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking"

Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking

Speaker Corinne Gregory talks about how Tom Antion's Utimate Guide gave her great money making tips.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Paul Glen's Testimonial for the "Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking"

Ultimate Guide To Professional Public Speaking Paul Glen tells how Tom Antion's Ultimate Guide helped him become a better public speaker.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Parents Work From Home Are you a parent? Wouldn't you like to work from home? The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is an Internet marketing school designed to teach you everything you would need to know about selling your products online. No only can you sell your products and services, you can also get hired by companies looking for the same thing. Check out for more information.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brand New Celebrity Building Telecast

Who's the celebrity? ....It will be YOU after attending this complimentary telecast.

Celebrity image consultant Starley Murray will be with me Thursday night to reveal tons of secrets when she delivers her topic:

"How to Create Your Celebrity Image on Camera, Be in Demand on TV, and Make Money Too"

Join us Thursday November 14th, 2012 - 9 PM EST

To register and see a couple short videos of her and what she did for me visit:

I'll see you over there.

Tom Antion

P.S. We have a BIG giveaway drawing for those that get there early.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Public Speaking For Corporate Executives

Amazing Public Speaking

It's your responsibility to improve your communication skills so that you can move the troops to action and keep from getting the axe yourself. If you are a crybaby, boring, buttkissing executive, this video is NOT for you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Public Speaking - Lecterns Tom Antion shows you a lectern with wheels. He discusses what you would use this for.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Affiliate Marketing: What Is A Super Affiliate?

Tom descibes what a super affiliate is and how you can make money working with one.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's So Great About an Online Education?

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia

Find out why an online education is best for you. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Monday, October 22, 2012

Speaking Engagement Scam: Warning

I've run in to this before. The below is most likely a fake speaking engagement request. It's basically a scam to take your money.

There is no speaking engagement:

Do not respond to it.


From the Desk of Pastor Tom Edwards.
First Baptist Church,
Address: 39 Eccleston Square,
London, SW1V 1BX,
Telephone: + 44 702 402 4745
Telephone: +44 704 205 6151
Mobile: +44 702 406 3357

Dear Tom Antion,

My Name is Pastor Tom Edwards from the First Baptist Church England we are writing to Invite you to be our guest speaker at this Year 3 days Revival which is taking place here In England, We are writing to invite and confirm your booking to be our Guest Speaker at these year 3 days Revival. Other Ministers Of God are coming from Different part of the World.

Expected audience: 1000 people Duration of speech per speaker: 1 Hour
Host: Pastor Tom Edwards
DATE: 11th Till 14th December 2012

The purpose of these conference is to re-brand the heart,mind,body and soul of Christians who have gone astray and are diverting their whole attention into mundane affairs and ensuring that it is possible for Christians, whether new or of long standing, to deepen their spiritual lives and gain eternal life. Also bringing a heart of deep compassion and a strong commitment to the fullness of life that is found only in the redemptive love of Christ.

We came across your profile on we also listen to you on Radio and we say it’s up to standard and we will be very glad to have such an outstanding personality in our mist for these overwhelming gathering. With your Multi talented speech more lives will come close to GOD. Arrangement to welcome you here will be discussed as soon as you honor our invitation. If you have any more publicity material, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be taking care of your traveling and Hotel Accommodation expenses including your Speaker fees you are bless as you honor this invitation it is a pleasure writing you.

Hope to hear from you Asap.

In His Services,
Pastor Tom Edwards
First Baptist Church.


Hope I saved you some hassle and some money.

Tom Antion

Friday, October 19, 2012

Public Speaking Professional Speaking Tom Antion

Tom Antion describes his best selling public and professional speaking system. This system teaches both the art of being great on stage, and also the business of speaking.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Write a Wedding Speech This video talks about a great resource for you to use to prepare your wedding speech. It's perfect for the best man, the groom, the bride, the mother or father or even for friends and other relatives.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Business Career Development Programs

Getting an education online gives you the freedom to study at your own pace. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Friday, October 12, 2012


You can have lots of fun with nicknames for people in the crowd -- as long as you absolutely know they are OK with being teased.

I was recently a guest speaker at Randy Gage's speaker's institute. Randy is well-known for being a snappy dresser and he has no trouble letting you know that his clothes are expensive and custom made in France, Italy, etc. I, on the other hand, dress plainly with nothing too fancy or overly expensive.

We ended up bantering back and forth on various points of professional level speaking and marketing and when one critical point of contention was coming to a head I said, "Now listen Armani boy." This brought down the house and became a running gag throughout the rest of the event.

At another event Lynn Rose the fabulous singer, opened up he convention right before I came on to speak. Late in my program, I played a recording of a parody song with me as the singer. Everyone loved it and I said, "Eat your heart out singer lady."

This doesn't sound very funny as you read it here, but I can assure you it was at the time. Why? Because she was obviously a top professional singer and I was a barely passable parody singer that couldn't hold a candle to her excellence, yet I was acting like I was a hot shot. Also, by using "singer lady" a nickname I gave her, instead of her name I was further portraying my false excellence and pretty much dissing her.

Note: For the above to work, I had to make it abundantly clear that I was teasing and not serious.

You can also tell about your own nicknames you had as a child or that you have now -- especially if they sound funny like "choo choo" or have a funny story about how you got the nickname.

Learn more high level speaking tips!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Home Based Business Online

Online businesses are great . . . If you know what you are doing. Most people don't and there are tons of scams out there selling you worthless garbage. I've been selling legitimate products on the commercial Internet since 1994. I have students that are e-millionaires. I have a verifiable track record of success longer than your arm. Check out my unique training facility and get a learning brochure at

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Undo Public Speaking Fears This video discusses some of the things you need to know to reduce your public speaking fears. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart

You don't want to have to buy security certificates separately for your ecommerce online store unless you absolutely have to. Get a secure shopping cart that already includes all the security features you need. Try the best shopping cart in the world FREE for 30 days:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Public Speaking Exercises: Stage Movements

This video teaches you how to make your stories come alive. Over 350 public and professional speaking videos

Friday, September 21, 2012

Public Speaking Powerpoint Templates

I hope you don't think your powerpoint is going to make you an effective presenter. Over 350 public and professional speaking videos.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adult Online Education Courses Have you been displaced from your job or just tired of going to a 'job' everyday? At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months that will put you on the path to a great new career. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Monday, September 17, 2012

KickStartCart Commissions

See the details of my End Of The Year Blowout 2010. Get the special reports that can make you a millionaire as they have done for me. Let me put YOU in business this year for yourself!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tom Antion - "Almost Naked" Testimonial

"Almost Naked" - Lingerie, Secret of the Guilty Pleaure By Hidi Lee

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Online College Courses in Virginia

Taking online college courses at home is a great idea no matter what state you live in. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months that will open up bright new careers for you. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Toast Resource

Don't wing it! You don't want to look like a fool on video do you? When you are asked to do a wedding toast a little bit of preparation and practice will go a long way. This is great for brides, grooms, the best man, bridesmaids, mothers, fathers, uncles other relatives and friends.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tom Antion Marketing - Cd Duplication

CD Duplication

You can start out simply duplicating your CDs one at a time on your home or office computer. You can burn the same file over and over again onto CDs and do the labeling right there too. However, putting paper labels on CDs won’t make you look too good.

In fact, it will make you look pretty bad. When you get a little volume going you might want to purchase a CD duplicating machine. These machines are now under $200.00. These machines can stand alone so you don't have to use up computer time to make CDs. Keep in mind that with lower priced models you'll have to load each CD in by hand.

A more expensive model will take a stack of blanks and automatically feed them so you don't have to watch over it every minute. With one of these machines you still have to put on labels so it’s not going to add to your credibility by doing this method.

You can always find duplicating companies (check your Internet or local yellow pages) that will do all the work for you. They can do the artwork, labels, duplication, and packaging. Everything has a price and going this route will send your unit price up quite a bit.

This may not be a problem if you have a high markup on the product and can move quite a few. One company to look in to for CD duplication is Sam Silverstein at:

Here are some sources for CD Duplicating machines:

CD/DVD Labels and Print On Demand

After you have recorded, edited and separated your audio recording into tracks, you are almost ready to have your CD product duplicated or in others words, made into multiple copies. These are the copies of your recording that you will be mailing to all of your customers.

There are many options as to where you can get your CDs duplicated: sent away to a professional duplicator, print-on-demand services or in-house with your own equipment. Before you decide on either of these options, you'll have to design a CD label for your discs.

The label is where your logo, brand, title, copyright and track listings will go. This can be designed using a CD label template in either a sophisticated image editing program such as Adobe's Photoshop or even a more simple image program like the one in Microsoft Office.

If you have no experience with creating images on a program, you may need some help with this, but as mentioned above Sure Thing CD Labeler can really save the day. The final template label created in Photoshop will be a .TIFF file that can be mailed to any duplication service. Then a special printer will reproduce the image directly on the disc with various inks.

The disc itself has a special "skin" that the machine will print on and the music gets burned to the other side. This is a two-step process that a duplication machine will do automatically. If you are doing a large run of copies, you will want to use a professional duplication service. You can get CD copies for as little as $2.00 for a run of 100 or more, to even $0.69 each for 10,000 or more copies. This includes the label printing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Distance Education Program

Distance learning is an easy way to get an education at your own pace. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Infamous Electronic Marketing "ButtCamp" is Back

My infamous electronic marketing "ButtCamp" is back.

This is my serious seminar (done in 11 countries since 1997) with a goofy name where you learn how to make more money sitting on your rear end than going to work for a living.

Check out the details of what you'll learn and register to attend at:​buttcampLosAngeles.htm

- Multiple Revenue Streams

- Hybrid Webinars

- Crowdfunding

- Email Marketing

- List Building and more!

September 15th & 16th, 2012 at the LAX Westin

Mentees: scroll to the bottom and register at the Buttcamp Graduates link. Hope to see you there.

Catch ya!

Tom Antion

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Confidence in Public Speaking

Learning what to do in every imaginable presentation situation goes a
long way in boosting your confidence onstage.
Over 350 public and professional speaking videos.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tom Antion - Internet Marketing How to Use Article Directories to Make a Fortune

This video tells you how you can ethically grab free content off the Internet, put it all in one place and get high search engine rankings and great revenue. This is a great way to participate in ecommerce.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Eco / Green Home Based Business

Work and learning at home is good for the environment!. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Website Linking Strategies For Small Business

Having incoming links to your website is one of the most powerful ways to get better search engine placement. But where can you put links in yourself that really work?

Website Directories: Yahoo! Directory and are the two biggies that will help your linking strategy the most.

Forums: Often, forums will let you append a 'signature' to your posts that can link back to your website. Not only does this give you extra traffic, but answering member questions can make you out to be the expert.

Testimonials: Giving a testimonial to someone usually includes a link back to your website. The larger and more popular the site your included on, the better.

Affiliate Programs: Some affiliate program software generate an affiliate link with your domain as the root of the link. Each affiliate that posts one of these links means more inbound link popularity for you.

Press Releases: Sending out a press release can be one of the quickest and most effective of all linking tips. Press releases are also search engine friendly.

This is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to high level linking strategies for small business.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Public Speaker Business Marketing - Niche Social Networking

Niche Social Networking

A niche social network is one that concentrates on a specific industry, topic or interest. Beyond the big social sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn there are thousands of small networks dedicated to bringing together people of like mind to share their stories and expertise.

The idea behind a niche network is that users don’t have to search far and wide to find friends to network with. For instance, if you are an amateur photographer, joining a social network for amateur and professional photographers can give you quick and easy access to advice, resources, job placement, education materials and making friends that love the same things you do.

As far as business is concerned, this is an easy way to find targeted prospects for your products and services, people to joint venture with and even offer coaching and mentor programs.

Let’s say you sell primarily Christian products. Making friends, creating groups and advertising on a Christian social site such as will refine your targeted efforts and lead to better conversions. Facebook may be the most popular networking site in the world, but keeping your marketing efforts from being diluted or becoming lost can be a task.

Niche social networking provides a ready-made audience. Most of these smaller sites have the sophistication of the larger ones with group creation, image sharing, video uploading and profile creation.

These smaller networks can come and go quickly, so you want to see how long they have been around before investing too much time. Important things to look for include:

• Steady membership growth

• Usability (how easy it is to work with the features)

• Length of time the site has been around

• Search engine friendly (does the site have a good presence in the search engines)

• Automation (connecting the site with your Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

There are hundreds of topics to choose from when considering joining a niche social network. Take a look at your current marketing efforts. Where are you spending your time networking?

The power of a niche social network can grow your speaking business.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tom Antion's Careers In Internet Marketing

An education in Internet marketing could be the right choice for you. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Monday, August 13, 2012

Provide Service Home Based Business Low Investment

Look for a new career with an affordable education that you can do at home. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Online Career Training

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is an Internet marketing school designed to teach you everything you would need to know about selling your products online. No only can you sell your products and services, you can also get hired by companies looking for the same thing. Check out  for more information.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Public Speaking Marketing Tips - Promoting Educational E-courses

Ways to Promote Your E-Course

E-courses can make great training products. No matter what your area of expertise, you will have prospects, clients and customers that need to learn about the knowledge you have. In every industry, there is specialized training that people will pay for.

You can charge for that training up front or give it away to promote your other services. Either way, promoting your ecourse can quickly build a database list of prospects. After they have either signed up for free lessons or purchased the course from you, you can continue to market to them year after year. You will want to promote your ecourse every way you can.

Here are some examples:

  - Advertising it to your current database list

  - Joint venturing with another business person to promote the ecourse to their list (for a commission)

- Mention it on your blog posts

- Submit guest posts to other people's blog and mention it there

- Social networking
* Facebook - post links to the ecourse on your wall or the walls of others, mention it in comments, start a dedicated page or group about it, purchase sponsored advertising.

  * Twitter - send out regular tweets with links to the ecourse, post tweets with links to videos about your ecourse, get others to reply or tweet about your ecourse for you, tweet tips and techniques about what is in the ecourse as teasers.

The marketing strategies that only the most successful public speakers know...

Best Home Based Businesses

I've worked out of my home for over 30 years and this is the best business I've ever been in. See a longer video and get our super training brochure (the brochure teaches you lots about the multiple streams of Internet income I have) at

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ebay Auction Software

I give you the three main pieces of software I use to run my ebay
business and then give you another important tip about ebay you may be
missing. For complete Internet marketing training by someone who makes
millions, visit for a
video and learning brochure.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Number One Training Resource For Public Speakers!

Amazing Public Speaking is a private, members-only, resource for those serious about becoming great public and/or professional speakers (and get paid for it too!)

Within the private, members-only area, you'll find a comprehensive source of in-depth information including videos, streaming audio, articles, and resources links. Most of our members find they get a full return on their membership investment within the first few weeks, by taking advantage of the tips and techniques to make you an Amazing Public Speaker.

Tom Antion pulls from his 20 years of experience and nearly 3000 paid presentations, to give you the highest level of real-world training available anywhere!

Gain the critical skills to be an expert presenter and the insider techniques for making a fortune as a public speaker. This information is coming from people who have "been there and done that". . . . not from people that have read a few presentation skills books. Tom Antion and his advisory board have all earned millions of dollars speaking and selling their knowledge in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, ebooks, speeches, public seminars, workshops, teleclasses, webinars and in lots of other formats. You'll learn how to do all these things as a member of this site.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to 12 full months of continuous membership for only $97 and get a FREE DVD packed full of professional level speaking tips.

You'll get 24/7 access to private, member's only departments where you'll find --

  • 400+ streaming videos demonstrating high-level, yet easy-to-implement speaking and speaker marketing techniques. PLUS, we're adding more all the time.

  • Over 300 articles on presentation skills and the business of speaking.

  • Tons of training audios on how to be a great speaker onstage.

  • A Speaking Glossary so you'll know the lingo of the industry.

  • An enormous number of humor resources and comedy routines.

  • A/V tips, audience interaction tips, stage fright tips, and much more.

  • A Discussion Forum where you can network with other like-minded individuals and also where you can get your speaking questions answered.

  • Moneymaking tips and techniques savvy speakers use to make money with their mouth and mind.

    Check out a sneek peek training video from inside of our membership site!


Without boasting, the owner of this site, Tom Antion, is a "non celebrity" speaker who has risen to the top 1% of speaker income and he won't hold anything back in telling you how to do all this and more. Hundreds of people have paid Tom thousands of dollars for his professional speaker training and now you can have access to the same material for only pennies a day.


Tom has presented at over 90 events for the prestigious National Speakers Association where he is the one who teaches other professional speakers how to WOW their audiences and make lots of money while they are doing it.


Once you reach a certain level of competence in your job, the only way to reach higher levels is to improve your presentation skills. The person that can move the troops to action is a very valuable person in the workplace. This site will teach you how to do that too. Subscribing now guarantees that you'll receive INSTANT ACCESS to everything you need for keeping up-to-date with Public Speaking and Presentation Skills no matter where you are. All the content is available exclusively over the net and is updated every month.


Joining now will give you immediate access to all the resources in the member's only section.

Still not a member yet? Start Now!

Get INSTANT ACCESS to 12 full months of continuous membership for only $97 and get a FREE DVD packed full of professional level speaking tips.

Subscription Expired? expired? Renew here. Want to subscribe by phone? Call our toll-free number at 800-448-6280 or outside the USA 1-757-431-1366

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tom Antion Teaches Speaking Skills

There are lots of great benefits waiting for you if you increase your public speaking skills. Over 350 public and professional speaking videos.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Scott Haskins talks about Tom Antion's Great Internet Marketing Retreat

Scott Haskins went to the Great Internet Marketing Training Center this weekend. Here is what he had to say about his visit.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tom Antion - Internet Marketing How to Use Article Directories to Make a Fortune

This video tells you how you can ethically grab free content off the Internet, put it all in one place and get high search engine rankings and great revenue. This is a great way to participate in ecommerce.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tom Antion Marketing - The Importance of Video Sales Letters

Video sales letters are a new way to sell your products that are slowly taking over the long copy sales letter. There are a number of reasons for this:

* Reducing screen eye strain

* Short attention spans

* Declining reading skills

* More dynamic (music, lighting)

* Ability to show off the product

* Ability to add product testimonials

A video sales letter can be made up from a number of components:

* A video alone on the page

* A video combined with short copy bullet points

* A video at the top of a long copy letter

Offering the choice of video and copy, you give the visitor the ability to get the information from either source. Some people would rather watch a video and others will want to read the copy. A video can re-inforce the sales copy by showing the product in action, showing testimonials from past customers or meeting the sales person face-to-face.

The video can be anywhere from one minute to five minutes in length, depending on how much content needs to be explained. The videos themselves can be uploaded to video hosting sites such as YouTube to attract search engines, then send the searcher to the sales letter itself.

Learn the techniques that popular public speakers use to sell themselves....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tom Will Be Speaking Here This Weekend

Saturday July 28-Our VIP's will receive upfront seating.

9:00 am-Sign IN and Networking at a West Palm Beach location TBA

Seminar Training-10:00am-2:00pm-Buffet Lunch Included.

  • Nine Different Revenue streams You can have on the Web.
  • Database to build massive lists of people who want to buy your stuff
  • Digital Product to sell electrons for fun and profit
  • Affiliate Marketing...let other people service customers while you pocket the profits
  • How to make a world class Website the Search Engines Love for 20 bucks or less
  • The number one mistake people make on the web and how to fix it.
  • How to get quality web and graphic services so cheap, you'll think it's illegal.
  • How to write a quality book and get all the money for it without even understanding the topic.


Tom's going to teach you how you can legitimately say, "I couldn't stop the money coming in to my checking account if I tried."

Sunday July 29

Attendees will get Up Close and Personal with Tom Antion

9:00am-Sign IN and Networking at a West Palm Beach location TBA

IN-depth Training-10:00am-2:00pm-Buffet Lunch Included.

Tom will be going in depth on Crowdsourcing. .. You'll learn how to legitimately get money for your creative projects and guess what. ...You don't have to pay it back. Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true, but Tom will totally break it down for you and in no time at all your ideas can become a reality.

Also, Tom will teach you about something he invented called "Hybrid Webinars". Tom is raking in big bucks with this specialized kind of webinar and so are the people he's taught. You don't want to miss this great way to sell products and services around the world.

In addition, bring all your questions and be ready to grill Tom on his success principles, Internet questions, professional speaking questions and his philosophies that have made him a powerful force worldwide even if you haven't heard his name before. You'll have total access to a guy that's been a multimillionaire for 12 years. A guy who has never had a job....he's been in his own business for 35 years, and a guy who has done 3000 paid speeches in 12 countries.

Don't miss this fabulous add on event. Buy your VIP ticket today!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Home Based Online Jobs - The Way To Make Money With An Online Business Online businesses are growing everyday... it's the 'new' economy. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tom Antion Marketing - Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are designed to give you more control of what happens with your web hosting. You have a complete computer “dedicated” to doing your bidding. Now this doesn’t mean you buy a computer and put it in your basement.

In fact, you will probably need a technical person to help you operate your dedicated server which will be located in a hosting service somewhere.

When your hosting fees for individual websites exceed the cost of a dedicated server, you might want to start thinking about getting one.

There is one drawback you should know about if you are thinking about getting a dedicated server. If you lump all your sites (that are on the same topic) on this server and then link them together in an effort to create more link popularity, the search engines will notice that you are linking to yourself because they will see all the links coming from the same IP address (IP addresses are numbers associated with server computers) and they will discount the value of your links.

If all your sites are on the same topic, you would be better off getting cheap hosting at multiple sites around the country or even in other countries. That way when you link one of your own sites to another one of your own sites, it won’t be obvious to the search engines and you’ll get the full value of the link.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ilse Wolf talks about her visit to the Great Internet Marketing Training Center

Ilse Wolf visited Tom Antion at the Great Internet Marketing Training Center and here is what she had to say about it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Job Suggestions Career Changes For Teachers

Are you a teacher looking for additional training or even a career change? At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months that can lead to a great new career. Visit the site to download your free career guide. Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sloppy Speech Habits

This one poor habit can ruin much of your impact as a public speaker. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Presentation Skills Coaching

Make sure you coach has actually done what he/she is teaching you! Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Isabel Perry - Tom Antion Student

Isabel Perry gives Tom Antion a testimonial.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Join an Affiliate Program

Earn money just by giving away an ebook. I've earned a verifiable $750,000.00 so far and have created a $250,000.00 a year income from just one program. Want to make BIG affiliate money? Check out:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Opinion From Public Speaker David Simone

After spending a few days with my friend, Tom Antion, I guess I just can't be quiet about some people any longer because some people keep showing up or I keep bumping into them in the "real World" and I'm not happy about how they continue to operate from low integrity in their business dealings closing big money deals and delivering less content and wrong content in relation to the massive fees garnered at their events.

If this costs me in the end, I'm more than willing to pay the price for being honest. I'm sick of seeing good people being swindled. My good friends are afraid to speak up against "Celebrity Speakers" or may not know the truth about them. I don't like naming names, really. We've all made mistakes in life, but to repeat mistakes, on purpose, over and over again, is more like fraud and stealing when you know you are lying to your audience and taking money they worked hard for, and not delivering anything remotely like you promise, and in that way you move past the honest mistake and claim a spot more like a con artist and swindler.

I'm getting vocal about this, because one such man has shown up in a speakers group which I participate in, and the first thing he does is start selling and pitching and claiming his greatness above all other speakers in the world, yet delivering no value. I'm sick of it, James Malinchak. What angers me about you is that you go to church and talk about your integrity, then you get right back to less than honest deal making. I know too many personal stories of people you have hurt, including people WHO TRAINED YOU!, and I've chosen to speak up about it. Yeah, I'm a new soldier in Antion's Army, Bro. If you last another week in The Speakers Group, I'd be very surprised, but it's all good.

Go ahead and keep selling and pitching and closing and emptying bank accounts of good people, then not delivering on your promises. It eventually catches up to you. Oh, and your big TV show, Secret Millionaire - staged. Automatic Pistol Magazine in the window sill? - pulleeez. You are a straight up fraud and I'm sick of skirting around the truth while you continue to lie to good people. Well, I guesssss I'll spending a lot of time answering private and public messages today, so I gotta run, bro. See you at church!

- David Simone

Monday, June 18, 2012

Use Articles to Find Targeted Prospects

Content rich articles will be found by the search engines. They can be a section of your website, distributed through article marketing directories or published on other websites with a link back to yours.

Content rich articles come up in results when people are searching for specific topics. These people are your targeted traffic and they will click on the links to get to a place where you can opt them in to your newsletter or database. You build targeted traffic through the use of keywords: keywords in your blog posts, articles and even your videos on Youtube. General traffic that may come in and out of your website, without specific niches or topics driving them there will be difficult to convert into sales.

Articles of yours that are published on someone else's website can give you a huge boost in targeted traffic. For the most part, a website that gets high search engine positioning and has been around for a while will attract visitors based on a niche. These are your potential clients as well. Exposure on these websites can bring a ton of valuable visitors that are easier to convert into customers.

Get a dedicated Certificate of Internet Marketing in as little as 6 months....

Friday, June 8, 2012

Maurice DiMino's Testimonial on the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center

Maurice DiMino just went to the Great Internet Maketing Retreat Center. Here is what he had to say about his visit.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hosted Shopping Cart

It's a smart move to have your ecommerce online store hosted on it's own server. Try the best shopping cart in the world FREE for 30 days:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Powerpoint Refining

Tom says most of the people that watch this video are worthless corporate slugs. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom Antion's YouTube Marketing Tip

This video teaches you how to use a little known tip to increase your chances of getting higher rankings for your videos. I'm getting lots of questions about how I get transcription so cheap. I watched a webinar that taught me a lot about the cultural norms needed to hire effectively in the Philippines. I carefully did what the video said and hired two really great people. Here's the link to the webinar Yes, I'm an affiliate, but you do not have to buy anything to learn these cultural norms

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Funny Public Speaking Goofs

"I'm not against the blacks and a lot of the good blacks will attest to that."
--Evan Mecham, then governor of Arizona

"Nixon has been sitting in the White House while George McGovern has been
exposing himself to the people of the United States."
--Frank Licht, then governor of Rhode Island, campaigning for McGovern in

"Retraction: The 'Greek Special' is a huge 18 inch pizza and not a huge 18
inch penis, as described in an ad. Blondie's Pizza would like to apologize
for any confusion Friday's ad may have caused."
--correction printed in The Daily Californian

"Winfield goes back to the wall. He hits his head on the wall and it rolls
off! It's rolling all the way back to second base! This is a terrible thing
for the Padres!"
--Jerry Coleman, Padres radio announcer

"I want you to take your balls in your hand and bounce them on the floor and
then throw them as high as you can. Now, have you all got your balls in your
--announcer of children's radio show "Life With Mother" to her audience

They X-Rayed my head and found nothing.
--Jerome "Dizzy" Dean

"The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history...this
century's history.... We all lived in this century. I didn't live in this
-Dan Quayle

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bob Walker Testimonial

Bob explains how Tom's "The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking" has helped him.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tom Antion - Internet Marketing How to Use Article Directories to Make a Fortune This video tells you how you can ethically grab free content off the Internet, put it all in one place and get high search engine rankings and great revenue. This is a great way to participage in ecommerce.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to be Enchanting

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Annoying Public Speaking Habits: Stage Movement

Over 350 public and professional speaking videos. This video teaches you how to move properly on stage.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tom Antion - Website Linking Strategy

Link Supertrick:

Ethically use “no follow” tags. A no follow tag is a piece of HTML code that tells the search engine not to follow an outbound link on your page. The more outbound links you have to unrelated sites, the less important your page appears to the search engines.
But let’s say it’s really important for you to have a resource section on your site that sends people to lots of other resources that, technically in the eyes of the search engines, aren’t exactly related to your site.

This would hurt your importance unless you put the no follow tag on each link. That way, visitors to your site could use the links but the search engines would not recognize the links.

This technique is totally ethical when you are simply linking out to other people’s sites. It becomes unethical if you have made a reciprocal link deal with someone because putting the no follow tag on cheats the other person out of the value of their incoming link.

Learn more about website linking...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tom Antion - Get the Facts First

If you are not familiar with your intended audience, you might ask in your pre-program research,
or questionnaire  How diverse is your group? What are some of the characteristics of the members from each of the countries represented? The answers to these questions will help you plan your strategy for connecting with a particular audience.

When I was doing my planning for a presentation in Washington, D.C., I found out that 25 percent of the audience was Asian Indian. I knew very little about the Indian culture and didn't have long to plan. What I did know was that the Dunkin' Donuts store located near my home was owned   and operated by Indians. That was a good excuse to stop in, down a few eclairs, and do some research. I told the proprietor what I was trying to accomplish and he was glad to help. Out of all the information he gave me about humor in India, I only used one line. That was all it took to connect.

The line was, "I want to tell all my new Indian friends I'm sorry Johnny Lever couldn't make it." Johnny Lever was one of the top comedians in India. They lit up and I went on with the program.

If your local donut shop isn't run by the appropriate nationality for your next presentation, don't worry. There are other sure-fire methods to get the information you need. If you are presenting out of the country, get the opinion of local people before you attempt to use humor. If you are presenting in the U.S., seek out members of the nationality to whom you are presenting. If you don't happen to know any, you can always call their embassy. I've called our State Department, The World Bank and even Voice of America for information. Just tell the receptionist you want to speak to someone from the country of interest. Don't forget to tell them you want to converse in English.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Techniques for Dynamic Public Speaking - Pre Planned Ad Libs

If you want to improve your presentation skills, make sure you know what to say if something goes wrong on stage.

Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Humor For Speeches - America

Need instructions on how to add this humor to your presentations? Check out our speaker educational materials section by clicking here.

Make $1050.00 or more referring Tom Antion for speaking engagements click here.

Learn how to be a great speaker and get paid for what you know click here.


Only in America... Can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.

Only in America... Are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink.

Only in America... Do people order double cheese burgers, a large fry, and a diet coke.

Only in America... Do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters.

Only in America... Do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and leave useless things and junk in boxes in the garage.

Only in America... Do we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place.

Only in America... Do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight.

And in America a school teacher can get fired for having a Bible on her desk.

Only in America do we have several unread Bibles in our home, while most of the rest of the world is begging for just one copy.

Only in America do I offend people by wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tom Antion: "Top 20 Seminar Scams" Webinar

Complimentary Public Service Webinar

No Sales offer at all.

"Top 20 Seminar Scams" (I WILL be naming some names)

Wednesday, May 2nd 8:05 PM Eastern time

You will learn:

= 21 Ways Professional Level Con People can cheat you at seminars.

= Why you should still go to seminars.

= About the Sociopath personality

= Why I’m taking a stand and why you should too.

= Where to complain

= How you can protect yourself and

= How you can help.

8:05 PM Eastern 7:05 PM Central 6:05 PM Mountain 5:05 PM Pacific

Register now.

Warning: This webinar is not for crybabies who want to forgive and forget ongoing criminal activity. If you want to bury your head in the sand and let con men/women take advantage of senior citizens, disabled persons, charities and trusting professionals from all walks of life, don't waste your time attending.

For you scammers out there, maybe you think because I've been laying low that I haven't been working behind the scenes to take you down. When I strike, you'll rue the day you ever stepped on a stage with the intent to cheat someone.

I'll talk to you all at 8:05 TONIGHT May 2nd.

Tom Antion

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sales Letter Magic: The Better Guarantee

We all love guarantees, right? We want to know that if we don’t like a product we can return it, right? But it is best placed in the text at the bottom of the long page so people aren’t hit in the face with it. If they see the guarantee, they know there is a product for sale when they scan. So they leave. The web is not like a printed advertisement or brochure.

In print that guarantee is important. However, on the web, you want a certain comfort level for the user. You don’t want to scream you’re selling something. Keep it low-key until it is time to close them. This is very important. Guarantee Terminology You want the prospective customer to feel like there is little or no risk to order from you. You also want them to feel like they can return the product without arguing with anyone. Even though you hide the guarantee to begin with, when the prospect is finally exposed to it, the wording must instill confidence. Use terms like:

• Satisfaction guaranteed
• Fully guaranteed
• Unconditional money-back guarantee
• Ironclad guarantee
• No risk trial

Guarantee Length

This is the topic that usually scares marketers to death. You should give a really long guarantee. This technique will help sell proportionately far more products than it will ever stimulate in returns (as long as your product isn't a piece of garbage).

Quite simply, the stronger the guarantee, the more sales you'll make. Long guarantees take the pressure off the purchaser. He/she feels like there is no hurry to evaluate the product immediately. The long guarantee gives the customer plenty of time before the return rights are lost. This reduces their risk and apprehension about making the purchase in the first place.

The secrets to better sales copy starts here...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Public Speaking - Wall Washer Light

Tom Antion explains what a wall washer light is and how it can make your presentation and event a great one.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tom Antion Presentations - Practice Alone

I have a personal rule that I tell a story anywhere from 30 to 50 times before I tell it in a presentation. Really that applies to each part of my presentation whether it is humorous or not. I do the same depth of practice for each bit I use. When you practice parts of your talk that many times, a magical thing happens. All the ums and ahs that may be scattered about seem to disappear. Your volume and confidence increase. Your talk takes on a more conversational nature, which is exactly what you want. The more extemporaneous a talk appears to be, the better it will go over. When you practice this much, you can also get rid of most of those stifling notes that tie you to the lectern.

Another really neat thing may happen when you rehearse a whole lot. You might start to see your notes in your mind. You must become so familiar with the material that you can present it in what appears to be a spontaneous unrehearsed fashion. The only way to get to that point is to rehearse like crazy. I recently did a customized talk for an association. I finished writing it one month in advance so the rest of that month could be spent rehearsing (this doesn't mean I didn't leave room for addition of up-to-the-minute material).

The best public speaking skills training on the web...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tom Antion: Reputation Management

Learn how a scumbag from Denver tried to bad mouth me and put me out of business but made me millions of dollars instead.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tom Antion - Question and Answer Sessions

Question-and-answer sessions are great opportunities to show off your sense of humor, get audience participation, and make two powerful closings. Did I say two closings? Yes I did say two closings.

One of the biggest mistakes I see presenters making has to do with the handling of question-and-answer sessions. The presenter does a good program, has a powerful close, opens the program up to questions, answers them well, and then fades off the stage into oblivion. The lack of a second powerful close after the question and answer period could negate much of the impact that was created throughout the program. Make sure you have two good closes whenever there is a possibility of a Q & A session.

OK. Now let's see how we can have some fun. A good way to open up a Q & A session is to say, The last time I opened up for a Q & A session, the first question I got was "What time is it?" or "Can I be excused?" or "Aren't you getting tired up there?" Say anything except the old boring Now let's open it up for questions. To be a fun presenter you must take every opportunity to do something different from the norm.

Tom will pay YOU to read this book...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Public Speaking - Take Care of Problems Early

Tom Antion shows you a little problem and what you should be prepared for before you speak.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Animal Lovers Please Comment‏

There is a news story (link below) accepting comments on the TV
Station site and I have included the responsible parties phone
and email addresses.

It has come to my attention that the state of Virginia where I
live has something else to be ashamed of when it comes to

(We've already suffered the shame of being the home of Michael
Vick the vicious, heartless fake-remorse-to-get-sympathy-and-his-
multi-million-dollar-contract-back dog
fighter, moron jock.)

Now, we have to suffer the shame of the University of Virginia
refusing to stop medical students practicing procedures on cats.

Talk about a landslide of people against them....and they still
defend their BS old school don't-tell-us-what-to-do ways.

95% of other medical schools use very advanced simulators which
are deemed by every reputable institution on earth as far better
to train on than cats which in no way resemble human babies.

Here are three people representing the University. They are all
going to here from me.

John Kattwinkel, Professor of Pediatrics....Interesting his name
starts with Katt, but anyway he looks to me like he would prefer
to be driving a model T Ford rather than taking advantage of
today's superior technology

Phone: (434) 924-5428
Fax: (434) 924-2816

Sandy Feldman, Attending Veterinarian ...This guy looks sleazy to
me and like he's just trying to protect his cushy job. This guy
should be sticking up for animals, not participating in their

Phone: (434) 924-5058

Here is the University President
Teresa Sullivan who so far is condoning this antiquated and
inhumane teaching method.

Phone (434) 924 3337
Fax: (434) 924-3792

Please send the message the modern world does not approve of
unnecessary animal testing. I'm calling and emailing all these
people to give them a piece of my mind. I hope you do too.

News story link is here:

or if that link is too long you can use

You can see my challenging comment there too.

Thanks for helping out animals.

Tom Antion

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Secure Servers & SSL Certificates

There is still quite a bit of concern about security on the Internet. Even if there were no real threat of people having their credit cards lifted while purchasing on the net, they are still worried about it and many are reluctant to order unless they are on a “secure server.”

To add to their worry, many browsers have a security information box that pops up when someone tries to submit information to an unsecured site.

How does the customer know for sure they are on a secure server? Well if they are using Internet Explorer as their browser, they will see a yellow padlock next to the address bar of their browser.

The “s” indicates Secure Server.

Whichever browser you use will most likely show the URL in the address box near the top of the screen beginning with "https://" instead of "http://

So how do you get one of these things? A good place to start would be checking with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you may be able to share theirs with them. Really good web hosts may even provide this service for free.

If for some reason you want your own, you can get it from They'll give you a logo you can display that tells your customer your site is a safe place to order from. This isn't free. . . . it might be in the $400.00 to $500.00 range. Other places will sell them to you for 50 to 100 bucks.

If you have a secure server, make sure you brag about it. Tell your customers that they can easily order at your “secure” online store. Post this at prominent areas of your shopping cart.

The system can provide all of this for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Public Speaking - Aisle Setup

Tom Antion shows you a room setup and how you want to arrange the aisles so they aren't down the middle of the room.

Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Create a Podcast in Garageband

Marc shows you how to create podcasts using Mac's Garageband.

Great Internet Marketing Training

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tom Antion - Humorous Speeches

Learn techniques to make your speeches funny.
Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Many people miss the boat when it comes to making money with their ebooks. You should take every opportunity to either put links in the book to your other products and services and put in links to affiliate (AKA Associate) products and services. Your total amount of income from the ebook will be the sale price of the ebook plus whatever affiliate commissions you earn from the ebook plus whatever backend sales you make from the ebook.

Finding Affiliate Programs

Go through your book and find places where you are recommending products or services. You may already have in mind the specific company or you may need to find a company that provides the product or service. If you know the company, go to their website and look for a small link for their affiliate program. This link could say, "Affiliates", "Make money with us", "Recommend us to your friends for cash" or something similar. The affiliate link is usually at the top, side, or bottom of the page. Rarely is it in the main body.

If you don't know the specific company you want to recommend, simply search for the product or service in Google and look around for a company that suits your needs. Again, you'll look for the affiliate program links.

No Link

If you can't find a link to join the affiliate program, it doesn't mean they don't have one. Some companies (I'm one of them) don't really want everyone signing up for their program. I happen to know that 98+ percent of the people that sign up never even put their links up. I just don't want to mess with these people that don't know what they are doing, so I've made my program "by request only." If you find a company you really like, email them to see if they have an affiliate program.

Signing Up

The first thing to do is to sign up for all the affiliate programs you like. Signing up for an affiliate program is usually easy. The affiliate program you sign up for will email you your user ID and Password and give you instructions on how to use their program. They will also issue you their affiliate links. Some will put in your specific ID into the link and some will show you where your ID number goes.

It is imperative that you get the link thing correct so you can get your commissions. Also, don't think you can lump tons of affiliate links all together and make lots of money. The most successful affiliates promote only one product at a time and they endorse the product too. This means they say something nice about the product and they build interest in the product by showing the potential buyer the need for having the product or service.

In your ebook, this means that your recommendations should be worked into the text of the book in a natural way. Yes, you can have lots of affiliate links in a book, but just don't make a big list of them.

Putting the Links in the Book

There are two ways to put affiliate links in your book.

1. Simply put the entire link in the Word document before you convert it to Adobe PDF or 2. Make a separate page in your website for each affiliate product like On this page you will say more about the affiliate product and, if you wish, you can put the long affiliate link under a "click here" for more info button that would take the visitor to the affiliate site.

Method 2 is more work, but actually better because if you find a better affiliate, you can switch the links on your site easier than redoing the links in your book.

Diligently put affiliate links in your ebooks and watch your overall profits soar.

Discover how hundreds of people just like you have worked with Tom to build information product empires!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jack Thomason - Tom Antion Student

Jack gives Tom Antion a testimonial. Learn more about Tom's program:

Great Internet Marketing Training Program

Monday, March 26, 2012

Isabel Perry - Tom Antion Student

Isabel Perry gives Tom Antion a testimonial.

Tom Antion's Mentoring Program

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tom Antion - Recommend Scripts

You can get your existing subscribers to recommend your E-zine, blog or website to their friends and colleagues. Their third party endorsement is worth more than all the bragging you can do about yourself. You make it easy on people to recommend you by giving them a website form to do it.

You can try:

Here’s an example of an old recommend form still available at

You can use a version that pops back up already filled in so that the person can easily recommend you to several different colleagues. All they have to do is fill in the name of the new person to whom they are recommending you and hit submit. You can get a lot more recommendations by making it easy for the people visiting your site.

The marketing tip here is that to get people to take their time to recommend you, you need to do two things.

1. Your material has to be good so they won't be embarrassed to recommend you and
2. Give them a reason why it will be good for them to do it.

If you want someone to help you, it is always a good idea to give them an incentive. Tell the people that you want to help “you” that you have a way to help “them” keep in touch with their clients and friends. You probably have heard of the marketing ploy of cutting out an article from a periodical and sending it to a client. The article, of course, is helpful to the client and you don't appear to be marketing at all.

It's just a nice thing to do for your client, but, of course, it is keeping your name in front of them. The article idea is a classic and certainly a very good idea, but it is quite a hassle. You have to cut the article out of the periodical, write a note, find the client's address, make a label, get postage, etc., etc., etc.

Tell them if they simply type a quick note into your recommend form and ship it off to their client via email, they have no hassle at all. One Internet marketer got about 150 new subscribers the first time they sent this idea out to their mailing list by giving them an easy way to help their client by recommending them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jeff Herring - Tom Antion Student

Jeff is the number one man in the world teaching article marketing. Check out

and Tom's mentor program

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tom Antion Brand New Webinar with Daniel Hall

I am very excited to invite you to a brand
new complimentary webinar event this Monday night called...

'Finding Your Public Domain Fortune Hidden at the
U.S. Government Printing Office'

Grab you spot here -

In case you were unaware you can earn tens of
thousands of dollars selling info products
based on public domain content.

But finding good and suitable public domain
content can be a bit like finding a needle in
the haystack.

Webinar presenters
Tony Laidig and Daniel Hall say...

"You can't find what you don't know what to
look for"

That's why they use the awesome search power of
the Government Printing Office Website to find
hidden gems that are perfect for creating info

Seats are limited... regsiter here:

*********** Webinar Details ************

Title: Finding Your Public Domain Fortune Hidden
at the U.S. Government Printing Office

Date/Time: Monday, March 19th, 2012
7pm Eastern Time (New York Time)
6pm Central Time (Chicago/ Dallas Time)
5pm Mountain Time (Denver Time)
4pm Pacific Time (Los Angles Time)

Registration link:

I'll be there too.

Catch ya
Tom Antion

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tom Antion - Two Great Free Webinars

Two Fabulous Webinar Rebroadcasts this weekend
(I'll be there live to answer all your questions)


"How to Maximize the Value of Any Speaking Engagement"

I've been living and breathing high fee / high sales
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If you want to have an insurance policy that will
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8:00 PM Eastern Time, Friday March 16th

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Brand New Complimentary Webinar Rebroadcast with
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Saturday morning March 17th, 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

"YouTube Super Secrets: Getting Views, Subscribers and Branding
Your Business"

Online video is one of the most powerful tool on the Internet
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Search engines are focusing on online video to deliver content.
You see videos all the time at the top of their search results.

Are your easy-to-create videos up there at the top?


Your business can get quick, effective search engine results that
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There are secret tactics successful marketers are using on video
sites such as YouTube that are bringing an avalanche of
traffic to their websites.

In this complimentary webinar you will learn;

* How to do the critical keyword research you need BEFORE you
start shooting....Ignore this and you'll be lucky if you
get 3 views

* How to properly fill out your video titles and descriptions
for maximum search engine placement...You must learn the
specific way to do it or you're wasting your time.

* How to find subscribers and friends for your channel...
besides helping you in search engines, youtube can build
a following for you.

* How to use comments wisely to drive traffic to your channel. . .
mess this up and you could be very embarassed for no reason.

* How to share your YouTube video on all of your other social
profiles. . .lSyndication is the key to getting your name
to spread like wildfire.

* How to spy on your competition's videos and find out who's
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* How to decipher YouTube's statistics program to create better
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* How to get a TON of views of your new video using a tool
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* Super Bonus: How to add duplicate video content to your
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* And much more.

Saturday Morning March 17th, 11:00 AM Eastern Time.
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I'll talk to you Friday night and Saturday Morning.


Tom Antion

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