Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Opinion From Public Speaker David Simone

After spending a few days with my friend, Tom Antion, I guess I just can't be quiet about some people any longer because some people keep showing up or I keep bumping into them in the "real World" and I'm not happy about how they continue to operate from low integrity in their business dealings closing big money deals and delivering less content and wrong content in relation to the massive fees garnered at their events.

If this costs me in the end, I'm more than willing to pay the price for being honest. I'm sick of seeing good people being swindled. My good friends are afraid to speak up against "Celebrity Speakers" or may not know the truth about them. I don't like naming names, really. We've all made mistakes in life, but to repeat mistakes, on purpose, over and over again, is more like fraud and stealing when you know you are lying to your audience and taking money they worked hard for, and not delivering anything remotely like you promise, and in that way you move past the honest mistake and claim a spot more like a con artist and swindler.

I'm getting vocal about this, because one such man has shown up in a speakers group which I participate in, and the first thing he does is start selling and pitching and claiming his greatness above all other speakers in the world, yet delivering no value. I'm sick of it, James Malinchak. What angers me about you is that you go to church and talk about your integrity, then you get right back to less than honest deal making. I know too many personal stories of people you have hurt, including people WHO TRAINED YOU!, and I've chosen to speak up about it. Yeah, I'm a new soldier in Antion's Army, Bro. If you last another week in The Speakers Group, I'd be very surprised, but it's all good.

Go ahead and keep selling and pitching and closing and emptying bank accounts of good people, then not delivering on your promises. It eventually catches up to you. Oh, and your big TV show, Secret Millionaire - staged. Automatic Pistol Magazine in the window sill? - pulleeez. You are a straight up fraud and I'm sick of skirting around the truth while you continue to lie to good people. Well, I guesssss I'll spending a lot of time answering private and public messages today, so I gotta run, bro. See you at church!

- David Simone