Monday, July 23, 2012

Tom Antion Marketing - The Importance of Video Sales Letters

Video sales letters are a new way to sell your products that are slowly taking over the long copy sales letter. There are a number of reasons for this:

* Reducing screen eye strain

* Short attention spans

* Declining reading skills

* More dynamic (music, lighting)

* Ability to show off the product

* Ability to add product testimonials

A video sales letter can be made up from a number of components:

* A video alone on the page

* A video combined with short copy bullet points

* A video at the top of a long copy letter

Offering the choice of video and copy, you give the visitor the ability to get the information from either source. Some people would rather watch a video and others will want to read the copy. A video can re-inforce the sales copy by showing the product in action, showing testimonials from past customers or meeting the sales person face-to-face.

The video can be anywhere from one minute to five minutes in length, depending on how much content needs to be explained. The videos themselves can be uploaded to video hosting sites such as YouTube to attract search engines, then send the searcher to the sales letter itself.

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