Monday, December 29, 2008

Internet Marketing: End Of The Year Blowout!

How about this?

51 CD's all in one package! For 85% off. With two free consultations and website critiques for the first 100 customers!

Every year you should expect the unexpected from me, but this is a little exteme. 56 hours of audio recordings and FREE consultations?

You can't miss this... if you do your crazier than I am!

This is the information that made me rich! All with 100% money back satisfaction.

Merry Christmas everyone. My gift to you!

Your friend, TOM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Using Props In Your Presentations

In this video Tom discusses how to use props in your presentations and how they can be used to make a point.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Best 20 Bucks I Ever Spent

I just made a special arrangement to save you $79 on the registration fee for a teleseminar on how to boost your sales and profits using nothing more than your voice and your telephone.

How is this possible?  Through the power of teleseminars.  In fact, I'm going to give you VIP access so you can eavesdrop in on a LIVE teleseminar taught by Alex Mandossian and it's only 20 bucks.

Can't make the call?  Don't worry the replay link will be sent to you the next morning.

If you've been on any of Alex's teleseminars before, you already know how important this invitation is, so scroll down ASAP and click the VIP Registration Link before all of the $20 tele-slots are Sold Out!

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Alex is Brilliant

If you've known me for a while you know that I'm not easily impressed.  There are only a handful of "guru" types that I would ever recommend.  This guy is simply brilliant.  I've been making a fortune doing teleseminars for many years AND even I learned a ton from Alex that will no doubt add another 50% or more to my teleseminar income next year.

(Please see how to get private phone access below)

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That's why it makes sense to click the free link below and find out if there's still room for you to attend Alex's 90-minute tele-training.

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In less than 90 minutes, you'll learn battle-tested teleseminar strategies that'll help you capture MORE sales, faster, better, easier ... without making you spend a single penny more on ads or promotional costs!

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Look, it doesn't matter if you're a hard-working entrepreneur who makes several hundred thousand dollars a year, or a budding small business owner who is knee-deep in debt and can't see a way out.

It doesn't matter if you're new to business and have no idea how to start, or if you're a 23-year veteran at the top of your game;

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Here's the thing: Neither I nor Alex can guarantee you'll become multi-millionaires like we are by adding the power of teleseminars to your marketing mix.

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In just 90'll discover 9 teleseminar styles that can instantly accelerate your sales;

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All I'm ask you do to right now is to clear your calendar, click the VIP Registration Link I've already given you twice (and one last time below) and join Alex for the most thought-provoking phone call you will have ever made this year.

Heck, what you learn may change your life!!!

To find out if teleslots are still available, just grab your mouse, turn-up your PC speakers and click the link you see below to attend as one of my VIPs.

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LAST THING: Alex and I are so committed to making absolutely sure that the strategies you learn will be burned into your brain, he has even prepared a Study Guide to keep you focused during the call ;-)

You can download your Study Guide after you register and your VIP tele-slot is confirmed.

Sound fair enough?

FAIR WARNING: All tele-slots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you fail to get in on time, you'll be automatically placed on our "Stand-By" list and you'll be notified by email the moment any new tele-slots open up.

That's it for now.  We'll listen for you on the call, so make sure you show up 7 minutes early and introduce yourself, okay?


Catch ya

Tom Antion

P. S. You can even listen to this call on the web and save calling in on the phone.  You'll get the link as soon as you register.

P. P.S. Don't forget....if you can't make the call, you'll get the replay link sent to you the next morning.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting Ready For The Malinchak Event!

Yes, it is that time of year again.

The James Malinchak College Speaking Success Boot Camp is again in Los Angeles next week, Dec. 4 - 7th, 2008 at the Westin LAX. I'll be speaking there and can't wait to meet all my friends, old and new mentees and like minded individuals. I'll be leaving next Tues. (Dec. 2nd) with my super sidekick and trusted propellerhead Nikki! She will be there to meet all of you and help me with making sales and networking.

Last year's Boot Camp was an incredible success and I'm betting that this year will be even better! It is always tons of fun attending James' events and I love to tease him to death from the stage. He's a good sport about it. As of last week, the event is SOLD OUT. But here is the link to get ready for next year:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Internet Marketing: Implementation

Tom recorded a great training call for his mentees last night titled "Implementation." Tom discusses in this call an important aspect of learning material on a training site: It's not a good idea to quickly cram too much information into your head. You need to find the way that critical pieces of info tie together and implement them into your online business to start making money.

Tom clearly defines a number of Internet marketing strategies that you need to concentrate on and learn to put into everyday use including:

* Updating websites
* Linking strategies
* Social networking
* Blogging
* Product production
* List building
* Affiliate marketing

Tom details the finer points of these strategies and how to implement them into your business. If you missed the call, the audio file is up on the training site today.

Not one of Tom's mentees yet? See what your missing at

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tom Antion: I just finished my retreat weekend

Everyone left happy and energized after a hard weekend of learning Internet marketing.

Now I'm on to servicing the 27 new students I got at Milana LIshanski's Coaching Super Summit.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tom Antion loves biking

Working breakfast at Tom Antion's retreat center



Great Internet Marketing Retreat preparation

I'm here at 9:45 AM and thank God one of the students staying at my house told me about the time change to Eastern Standard time or I would be yelling at the students for being late to class :)

A little later today I should have a picture of the guests having breakfast. Right now I'm getting this morning's copywriting and product production class ready.

Check out pictures of he retreat center at

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to the Tom Antion Happenings Blog

Lots of people have been asking me about my upcoming events and projects so this blog will be a place where you can keep track of what I'm up to.

I'll be posting along with my staff members so stop back often and keep track of where I'm at, what products I'm working on and where we can meet in person.

Catch ya