Monday, June 18, 2012

Use Articles to Find Targeted Prospects

Content rich articles will be found by the search engines. They can be a section of your website, distributed through article marketing directories or published on other websites with a link back to yours.

Content rich articles come up in results when people are searching for specific topics. These people are your targeted traffic and they will click on the links to get to a place where you can opt them in to your newsletter or database. You build targeted traffic through the use of keywords: keywords in your blog posts, articles and even your videos on Youtube. General traffic that may come in and out of your website, without specific niches or topics driving them there will be difficult to convert into sales.

Articles of yours that are published on someone else's website can give you a huge boost in targeted traffic. For the most part, a website that gets high search engine positioning and has been around for a while will attract visitors based on a niche. These are your potential clients as well. Exposure on these websites can bring a ton of valuable visitors that are easier to convert into customers.

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