Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tom Antion: Opening Tips

=> Make points that folks agree on first. Never create controversy early, unless you are doing it for dramatic effect.

=> Never tell a long involved story unless it is HIGHLY TESTED. If it bombs, you will have a tough fight to win back the audience.

=> Never tell any story or joke that has a remote chance of offending someone. After you warm up the audience, you may be bolder.

=> Somewhere in your opening you must tell the audience why you are there. They need some selfish reason to listen to you.

=> Using humor in your opening tells the audience that yours is going to be a fun presentation. It tells them that they might actually enjoy it. Don't disappoint them by telling an opening joke and boring them the rest of the time.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Tom Antion: Viral Marketing

Everyone knows that a computer virus is bad. What many people don't know is that viral marketing is REALLY GOOD! Viral marketing means that one or more of your marketing efforts"spreads" like a virus. You can stimulate the viral spreading of your marketing efforts. Here's a very effective way.

Write a tip sheet, a top ten list, E-book or something like that with extremely useful information that you are sure people inyour target market will want to share. You can encourage them to do this with simple "pass this along to a colleague" blurbs in the document. I do this very effectively with my e-book, "How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money" This book teaches people how to pick the right shopping system for their website. The obvious choice when they get done reading it is the one I promote You can use the exact same technique for your speaking engagements or any products you promote. Here are ways I distribute the book:

=> I give this book away to interested parties (Get your copy at )
=> I am currently submitting it to free ebook sites.
=> I post it on websites.
=> I sell the resale rights to others for only $9.95 (they can then resell the book and keep all the money)
=> I sell a customized version of the book for $97.00 which allows the reseller to get a piece of the action if someone purchases my shopping cart.

All these ways are incentives for people to distribute the book. Use viral marketing and watch your marketing message spread fast.

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