Monday, May 14, 2012

Tom Antion - Website Linking Strategy

Link Supertrick:

Ethically use “no follow” tags. A no follow tag is a piece of HTML code that tells the search engine not to follow an outbound link on your page. The more outbound links you have to unrelated sites, the less important your page appears to the search engines.
But let’s say it’s really important for you to have a resource section on your site that sends people to lots of other resources that, technically in the eyes of the search engines, aren’t exactly related to your site.

This would hurt your importance unless you put the no follow tag on each link. That way, visitors to your site could use the links but the search engines would not recognize the links.

This technique is totally ethical when you are simply linking out to other people’s sites. It becomes unethical if you have made a reciprocal link deal with someone because putting the no follow tag on cheats the other person out of the value of their incoming link.

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