Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tom Will Be Speaking Here This Weekend

Saturday July 28-Our VIP's will receive upfront seating.

9:00 am-Sign IN and Networking at a West Palm Beach location TBA

Seminar Training-10:00am-2:00pm-Buffet Lunch Included.

  • Nine Different Revenue streams You can have on the Web.
  • Database to build massive lists of people who want to buy your stuff
  • Digital Product to sell electrons for fun and profit
  • Affiliate Marketing...let other people service customers while you pocket the profits
  • How to make a world class Website the Search Engines Love for 20 bucks or less
  • The number one mistake people make on the web and how to fix it.
  • How to get quality web and graphic services so cheap, you'll think it's illegal.
  • How to write a quality book and get all the money for it without even understanding the topic.


Tom's going to teach you how you can legitimately say, "I couldn't stop the money coming in to my checking account if I tried."

Sunday July 29

Attendees will get Up Close and Personal with Tom Antion

9:00am-Sign IN and Networking at a West Palm Beach location TBA

IN-depth Training-10:00am-2:00pm-Buffet Lunch Included.

Tom will be going in depth on Crowdsourcing. .. You'll learn how to legitimately get money for your creative projects and guess what. ...You don't have to pay it back. Yes, we know it sounds too good to be true, but Tom will totally break it down for you and in no time at all your ideas can become a reality.

Also, Tom will teach you about something he invented called "Hybrid Webinars". Tom is raking in big bucks with this specialized kind of webinar and so are the people he's taught. You don't want to miss this great way to sell products and services around the world.

In addition, bring all your questions and be ready to grill Tom on his success principles, Internet questions, professional speaking questions and his philosophies that have made him a powerful force worldwide even if you haven't heard his name before. You'll have total access to a guy that's been a multimillionaire for 12 years. A guy who has never had a job....he's been in his own business for 35 years, and a guy who has done 3000 paid speeches in 12 countries.

Don't miss this fabulous add on event. Buy your VIP ticket today!