Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Apply Makeup for High Definition Television

Tom gets Nan, a professional makeup artist, to demonstrate how to apply makeup for high definition television.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Public Speaking: Syndicate Your Articles The Easy Way

How would you like to have your articles regularly read on thousands of Internet sites? Of course you would love it. In the recent past you would have little chance to make that happen easily. Here's why.

You would have to contact the sites to make the deal and then email them an article each week or at any interval you decide upon. Then you would have to hope that each site put the updates on their sites in a timely fashion . . . ha! Fat chance of that happening. Making the deal in the first place would be hard enough because most people that have websites depend upon webmasters to make changes . . . again ha! try getting the average webmaster to respond quickly and regularly. Even if the site owner updated their own site, you are talking about lots of work doing regular updates . . . UNTIL NOW!

Enter an inexpensive piece of software called the "Master Syndicator" For about $150.00 you can have this software installed. You write your articles and put them in the supplied web page. Instantly all the sites that have accepted your articles are updated. The sites that use your articles have zero work other than to put one line of code in their website just one time. After that, there is no maintenance.

Just think of the power this brings to your desktop at home. Each deal you make with another website means that all their visitors are being exposed to your ideas, products and services on a regular basis which means money in your bank account . . . lots of money if you play your cards right. You are also providing fresh content for the sites hosting your articles. Everyone wins.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tom Antion: Elements of Storytelling

Learn about making money with your storytelling. $5.00 30 day trial with over 250 public and professional speaking videos.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tom Antion: Reviving

Tom Antion is getting back involved with to deliver great marketing content. He has partnered with Colin Martin and Marc Bullard to restructure the site to include all of the most cutting edge Internet marketing information available on the web.

New topics will include:

* Video production techniques
* Online media publishing
* Advanced social networking
* Relationship Marketing
* Wordpress Blog Creation
* Blogging super tips
* Viral video marketing
* The most current SEO tactics
* and much more.

A new membership structure will be easier to access by marketing students of all levels. Constant review and updating of material using Camtasia training videos, recorded teleclasses and Rap sessions on MP3 and fresh new cutting edge articles by guest contributers will insure up to date training for the newbie or advanced students.

Look towards the future of Internet marketing and grow your business on the web!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tom Antion: Article Marketing Do's and Dont's

Article maketing is a great tool for driving targeted traffic to websites, opt-in pages and sales letters. Using the different article distribution sites can be a bit tricky, though. There are a few things to look out for when submitting articles to sites such as:

Tip # 1 - The most critical tip that Tom teaches about: Make sure your articles are on your own site first as a page of your website. Also, make sure that the article page on your site has been indexed by the search engines first before submitting to the article sites. To find out if a webpage has been indexed, copy and paste the URL of the page into the Google search box and hit "search." If a clickable result appears, then the page has been indexed, if the result says: "Your search did not match any documents", then it has not yet been indexed.

* We use the strategy of publishing to our websites first so that we get the credit in the search engines and not the big article sites. The site that publishes the article first gets the most credit.

Tip # 2 - That being said, make sure that your name is closely associated with the article on your webpage. ie: your name at the bottom of the article, your name at the top of the article or your name SOMEWHERE on the page that is easy to see. Article sites will reject articles that they can't easily find the authorship. If they can't find your name on your webpage and you try to submit the article to them, they will think you plagerized it. This can hold up the approval of your article for weeks.

Tip # 3 - Don't make your author resource box too long, with too many clickable links or without a clear call to action. Not only will some article sites reject this as a violation of their Terms of Service, it confuses your readers. KEEP IT SIMPLE! On most article sites, you can create multiple resource boxes with clickable links to different webpages that correspond to the article subject matter. Take advantage of these.

Tip # 4 - Keep articles between 350 - 500 words. Articles work best if they are not too long, and your reader is still engaged in the point. Tom suggests that if your article is 1000 words or more, break it up into two articles. This will give you more material anyway!

Tip # 5 - Be sure to always use the Spell Checkers that the sites provide. I've seen way too many people submit without spell checking and the article site will reject it. Too much bad spelling and grammar, and you may not get valuable submission upgrades and could possibly have your account suspended.

Don't believe that this sounds like too much's good practice when submitting articles to other respectable websites that can provide you valuable backlinks, lead generation and credibility. Article distribution sites get high quality traffic and quick results. It is an important marketing tool that every successful online business uses.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tom Antion: Become a Fan of Fatso Tennis

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You can get tips about tennis for the overweight and hopelessly out of shape, PLUS see

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Go to the fan page and become a fan to get latest tips and techniques for beating the pants off of your competition!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Public Speaking: Media Marketing Revisited

Media marketing is really a fun way to market because with the electronic methods of reaching out today, you do not have to face much rejection because your prospects call you.

They call you after being pre-qualified because they have either:
A.) Heard you on the radio,
B.) Seen you on TV,
C.) Read an article "by" you,
D.) Read an article "about" you
E.) Read a comment you were asked to make because you are the "expert" on a particular topic.

Whenever someone calls after having been exposed to you in the media the entire nature of the phone call changes. You are not trying to find out if they need your services, or if they have money. In many cases they call and ask, "do you speak" or "are you available to speak?"

Over the past year I have created much more reference information for you that will make your media marketing efforts much easier to implement. They will also teach you how to be "great" when you appear in the media. Here are my recommendations from some of my CDs:

"Kick Start Your Media Marketing: How to Get Speaking Clients to Call You" by Tom Antion

"Kick Up a Media Storm: How to Get FREE or REALLY CHEAP Publicity" With special guest "The Publicity Hound" Joan Stewart

"Kick the Ears off Your Audience: How to Be GREAT on the Radio" With special guest "The Radio Genius" Joel Roberts

"Kick Through Your Database to Sell Tons of Products & Services on the Radio" With special guest, "Mr. Radio Database" Joe Sabah You can see the complete descriptions of these targeted speaker reference materials at

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tom Antion: Wake 'Em Up System

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Public Speaking: What Is Your Elevator Speech?

You're in an elevator and in walks the meeting planner you've been trying to reach for a year. You've got 15 seconds to make an impression. What do you say...

"Hi, my name is Stan Smith, I'm a professional speaker." or "Hi, I'm Shirley Jones, I'm a Sales Trainer." or "Hi, my name is Elizabeth Gonzalez, and I'm a success coach."

How far do you think any of these statements will take you?

Do they continue the conversation? Do they get you an appointment? Do they get you any business? NO! NO!! NO!!!

The reason these statements don't get you a response - or any business - is because they're focused on you. What you do. Not what's of interest - or benefit - to the customer.

So What! When you can say "SO WHAT!" after a statement, it's not a benefit. And that's why you're not getting anywhere.

Question: What's the most popular radio station in the US? Answer: WII-FM - WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME!!!

As an alternative, Stan could say: "Hi, my name is Stan Smith, I work with companies helping them improve their customer service. Do you have a quick moment to chat, or may I give you a call at your office."

Shirley could say: "Hi, I'm Shirley Jones, and I work with companies that want to improve their people's performance so they can close more sales and make more money. Do you have a moment?"

Elizabeth could say: "Hi, my name is Elizabeth Gonzalez, I work with companies helping their employees set their priorities and stay focused, so they can grow their business and become more profitable and successful. Do you have a moment?"

BENEFIT STATEMENTS I call these statements BENEFIT STATEMENTS for they focus on the benefits that you offer to your client/customer, as opposed to focusing on what it is you do.

Let me give you another example. This is the bio from one of my books.

Jeffrey J. Mayer is one of the country's foremost authorities on time and business management, [SO WHAT!] and is the author of many best-selling books. [SO WHAT!] He has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, People magazine, and many other publications. [SO WHAT!]

For years I've used that bio and I wondered why I never got any phone calls.

Today it reads a bit differently: Jeffrey Mayer helps business owners, corporate executives and sales professionals manage their time, set their priorities, and stay focused so they can achieve their goals, grow their business, and be more successful.

And here's another example. A client of mine who does programs on how to find referrals says: "I help sales people learn how to find qualified prospects so they can grow their business and make more money."

A client in the health care industry now says: "My programs help doctors manage their practices better so they can provide better patient care."

If you want to grow your business and get ahead, you've got to have a great Elevator Speech.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Public Speaking: Have The Audience Write The Humor

Writing custom humor for groups is really tough. I remember the days when I was doing 85 percent humor in my speeches. The customized humor always took the most effort and carried the most risk. One way to beat the system is to have the audience write their own customized humor.

Who knows what's funny to them, better than them?

Break the audience into groups and give them some direction to start. You might ask them to come up with funny book titles based on people in their company (remind them to be kind because we don't want any hurt feelings).

You can give them some to start which will get the mood set and get you some laughs using stock humor before the exercise starts.

Book Titles:

"Secrets to a Happy Marriage" by Bill Clinton

"How to Raise Sober Kids" by George W. Bush

"Why I Hate Florida" by Al Gore

You could have them do Movie Titles, Work Project Titles, Newspaper Headlines, etc.

After they've been working on them for a while have them pick a spokesperson for the group who will recite to the entire audience their five best lines.

You can give out prizes and generally have a lot of fun with this technique.

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