Monday, April 30, 2012

Sales Letter Magic: The Better Guarantee

We all love guarantees, right? We want to know that if we don’t like a product we can return it, right? But it is best placed in the text at the bottom of the long page so people aren’t hit in the face with it. If they see the guarantee, they know there is a product for sale when they scan. So they leave. The web is not like a printed advertisement or brochure.

In print that guarantee is important. However, on the web, you want a certain comfort level for the user. You don’t want to scream you’re selling something. Keep it low-key until it is time to close them. This is very important. Guarantee Terminology You want the prospective customer to feel like there is little or no risk to order from you. You also want them to feel like they can return the product without arguing with anyone. Even though you hide the guarantee to begin with, when the prospect is finally exposed to it, the wording must instill confidence. Use terms like:

• Satisfaction guaranteed
• Fully guaranteed
• Unconditional money-back guarantee
• Ironclad guarantee
• No risk trial

Guarantee Length

This is the topic that usually scares marketers to death. You should give a really long guarantee. This technique will help sell proportionately far more products than it will ever stimulate in returns (as long as your product isn't a piece of garbage).

Quite simply, the stronger the guarantee, the more sales you'll make. Long guarantees take the pressure off the purchaser. He/she feels like there is no hurry to evaluate the product immediately. The long guarantee gives the customer plenty of time before the return rights are lost. This reduces their risk and apprehension about making the purchase in the first place.

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