Monday, August 6, 2012

Public Speaking Marketing Tips - Promoting Educational E-courses

Ways to Promote Your E-Course

E-courses can make great training products. No matter what your area of expertise, you will have prospects, clients and customers that need to learn about the knowledge you have. In every industry, there is specialized training that people will pay for.

You can charge for that training up front or give it away to promote your other services. Either way, promoting your ecourse can quickly build a database list of prospects. After they have either signed up for free lessons or purchased the course from you, you can continue to market to them year after year. You will want to promote your ecourse every way you can.

Here are some examples:

  - Advertising it to your current database list

  - Joint venturing with another business person to promote the ecourse to their list (for a commission)

- Mention it on your blog posts

- Submit guest posts to other people's blog and mention it there

- Social networking
* Facebook - post links to the ecourse on your wall or the walls of others, mention it in comments, start a dedicated page or group about it, purchase sponsored advertising.

  * Twitter - send out regular tweets with links to the ecourse, post tweets with links to videos about your ecourse, get others to reply or tweet about your ecourse for you, tweet tips and techniques about what is in the ecourse as teasers.

The marketing strategies that only the most successful public speakers know...