Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Time For Networking? Think Again.

No Time For Networking? Think Again.

The Internet is a wonderland of opportunity for finding new business and prospects to drive to your webpages and sales letters. But the biggest complaint I hear is that "I don't have the time." The time to network with others on the web is now and it's never been easier. This is an important marketing strategy that you need to make a priority.

Imagine opening up a retail store. Customers come in periodically to make a purchase. There are thousands of others who know your store is there, but have yet to stop in. Would you cut off the marketing to these people just because they haven't purchased yet? Would you take down your billboards, newspaper ads, neon signs and special 50% off posters just because it's not worth the effort? And would you move your store to a location that couldn't be seen from every angle in the parking lot? I think not.

If you are ignoring your blogging, videos, social networks and social bookmarking, your doing essentially just an online sense. Making a huge Internet presence, networking and building relationships is how you will attract the undecideds that haven't bought anything yet and turn them into customers. And attracting prospects with these strategies is far cheaper than billboards and print ads.

Your website cannot just be a static page floating somewhere out in cyberspace. There are now over a trillion webpages published on the Internet. How are you going to stand out? It is going to take some time, some effort and good old fashioned virtual hand shaking to see the results you want. And lucky for you, the time has never been better to take advantage of these cheap, powerful and easy to use resources. Find any way you can to keep your brand fresh and in the forefront of your prospects minds. Consider a few of these tools:

* Use a service like FriendFeed. Everytime you update any of 56 social sites, your FriendFeed will tell all of your friends about it.

* Use a blog scheduling service like so you can write posts ahead of time and send them out when you want.

* Leave a lot of comments on Facebook groups, blog sites and YouTube videos to encourage conversation.

* Connect your ezinearticles, Facebook updates and Squidoo lenses to your Twitter so a tweet will go out everytime you update one of these services.

* Create "Join Me" buttons for your websites and blog posts to encourage making friends. (These can be found in the "Tools/Widgets" section of your social networking sites)

* Find a virtual assistant or high school kid to do the work for you.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Nervousness and Public Speaking

Now Over 450 public and professional speaking videos. Many people get stage fright when doing a presentation. You can learn
how to control it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Fabulous Webinar Rebroadcasts This Weekend

Two Fabulous Webinar Rebroadcasts this weekend
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jack Thomason - Tom Antion Student

Jack gives Tom Antion a testimonial.

Great Internet Marketing Training

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tom Antion - Planning a Practical Joke

No backfires please.

When staging a practical joke you must plan the many details carefully. You certainly don't want something that is supposed to be fun to turn sour. If you plan the joke as carefully as you plan all other details of the event you will find that the benefits far outweigh the risks. I use the following criteria when planning an event:

1. The joke should not be physically dangerous in any way. 2. It should not be humiliating. 3. It should have good intent, i.e., you should be able to laugh with the group that was fooled and not at them. Most of the time key insiders are involved in the idea anyway. 4. It should be creative. If you faithfully stick to the first three criteria you can be assured that your jokes will be well received. Item number four can be fudged with little or no problem.

For instance, the idea of a clumsy waiter is not particularly creative, but when you have a talented actor playing the part, your biggest complaint will be that someone's side hurts from laughing too hard. Make sure you only deal with professional and experienced characters. Even if you plan the joke carefully, once the person or group is "on stage" they must be able to ad lib and adjust to whatever situation arises. On large productions you will need an on-site person to coordinate the action. The characters presented here are only three of the most popular gags you can pull at a meeting. You are limited only by your imagination and budget. If you truly want your participants to have a memorable experience, then give them something special to remember.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day in the Life of an Internet Multi-Millionaire Tom Antion Part 1


Tom Antion shows you what it's like to work for an Internet millionaire.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Public Speaking: Dollar Bill Gag

Whenever you have any need to speak about money in your presentation here is a simple gag that always gets a good laugh.

It looks like you printed money


Brand new One Dollar Bills
Padding Glue
Two small boards
Two C Clamps or some bricks

Basically you are making a pad of money so you can tear a bill off the pad. The top edge of the pad is red or green which gives the impression that is was printed like a tablet. The color of the edge is simply the color of the glue you use to make the pad.

I say "Email marketing is just like printing money. In fact, I just printed some [show the pad of bills]. They look really good don't they?" [tear a few off and give them to audience members] . . . Then I say, "That's because they are." Then I briefly explain that I just padded some up with printer's glue. Usually you get a little laughter at this point. Then I go for the big laugh line.

I say, "You should see the look on the bellman's face when I tip him." [gets big laugh] You could substitute waiter or waitress for bellman if it's more appropriate.

Just after I deliver the above line about the bellman I hold up one of the bills with a quizzical look on my face (like the bellman would have). I then mention something about the bellman getting out the pen used by cashiers to tell if money is counterfeit.

Go to the bank and get about 50 brand new, crisp one dollar bills.

Make sure the bills are lined up with each other perfectly. Sandwich the bills between two small, straight boards. The top edge of the bills should align with the edge of the boards. Clamp the boards together with C Clamps, or put some heavy bricks on them. Brush on a few layers of printer's glue (purchase from print supply house or borrow some from your local printer . . . you could have your friendly printer do the entire padding process for you if you want.)

Let it dry and you've got yourself a gag that you can use for 10 to 20 presentations depending on how many bills you give out at each.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Bob Walker Testimonial for Tom Antion

Bob explains how Tom's "The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking" has helped him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tom Antion Free Webinar Today!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Tom Antion - Stage fright Is Good and Makes You Better Looking Too!

Before you learn how to deliver your lines, it is important to be ready to deliver
your lines. Stage fright is a phenomenon that you must learn to control. Actually, stage fright isn't the most accurate term for the nervousness that occurs when considering a speaking engagement. In fact, most of the fear occurs before you step on-stage. Once you're up there, it usually goes away. Try to think of stage fright in a positive way. Fear is your friend. It makes your reflexes sharper. It heightens your energy, adds a sparkle to your eye, and color to your cheeks. When you are nervous about speaking you are more conscious of your posture and breathing. With all those good side effects you will actually look healthier and more physically attractive.

Many of the top performers in the world get stage fright so you are in good company. Stage fright may come and go or diminish, but it usually does not vanish permanently. You must concentrate on getting the feeling out in the open, into perspective and under control. Remember Nobody ever died from stage fright. But, according to surveys, many people would rather die than give a speech. If that applies to you, try out some of the strategies in this section to help get yourself under control. Realize that you may never overcome stage fright, but you can learn to control it, and use it to your advantage.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Using Facebook To Promote Specials and Product Launches

Facebook is a great way to promote specials and promotions for small businesses on the web. Using the power of the friends that you have spent time collecting and nurturing, businesses can get a interactive kick from comments, testimonials and post sharing with the ease that Facebook provides. In conjunction with Twitter and Youtube, businesses can plan out a promotional strategy that could put their offerings in front of the eyes of thousands of people.

A couple of weeks before any type of special promotion, the business will want to create small video productions that can be uploaded and shared on social media sites. Videos that are no longer than 2 - 3 minutes in length showing customers giving testimonials, using the products, having fun at past events... anything that creates fun and excitement. No matter what kind of business you have, there are ways to create an informative or commercial aspect to the video production.

These videos can be uploaded to Youtube and Facebook on the day before the big promotion and shared with your friends on their home news feeds. Contact your friends and followers a couple of days beforehand to solicit their comments on your wall in exchange for a special coupon or giveaway just for them. Every video you upload to Facebook or Youtube notifies all of your friends and subscribers to invite them to watch. Each of your friends that makes a comment on your Facebook Wall stating how much they like your business creates a notification to all of their friends. You have now started a domino effect that could put the promo video before the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people.

Your account administrator can leave "thank you" comments in response that will create a sense of interactivity and a personal touch. This kind of buzz is a powerful branding tool that keeps your logos and products on the top of your friends minds and makes them feel as if you care and are taking the time to connect with them.

Facebook's "Events" tool gives you the ability to invite your friends to a special event that involves a specific date and time such as a store opening or a three day only sale. The RSVP feature in the Event tool lets staff keep track of how many people may show up or just to see how effective the promotion is going. And of course, the Facebook email system can notify all of your friends about special events and promotions that can lead them to websites where menus, additional testimonials, driving directions and printable coupons are there for the taking. The videos you can upload to Facebook will create a visual powerhouse of excitement and education that gives your social media followers something to always look forward to from your business.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tom Antion - Unique Online Business Opportunities

How would you like to live in a mansion and have your computer going
Ka-Ching all day long with orders and money coming into your computer?
That's the way I've lived my life for many years because of the
Internet. This isn't hocus pocus or get rich quick.