Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tom Antion: Use Digg.com To Get Valuable Backlinks

Use this new strategy for getting valuable backlinks to your site that Google loves!

Digg.com is a popular site where the content is regulated by the users, not an editorial staff or bots. Users are alerted to new content through "feeds" based on the users interests and then the content (websites) are voted up or down (Called "diggs"). This is a popular way to get a large number of views to a certain page of your site, a video post or a blog post. Digg users rarely buy anything or click on ads, but they love to paste links to interesting content into their blogs so that they can share the content with their readers. These are very valuable incoming links to your site pages that Google considers natural. But there is one catch...you need to know what kind of content Digg finds interesting. These are:

* Top ten lists
* Funny pictures or videos
* Short articles with very "sensational" titles
* Content related to current events (politics, gaming, economy, news)

If you think that your "sales techniques" website isn't very entertaining, consider this example.

A shoelace manufacturing company submitted a "Top 10 Weirdest Ways To Tie Your Shoes" short article with pictures. Over the course of three days Digg users visited this site nearly 8000 times and provided 300 backlinks from user's blogs. The traffic quickly died by the end of the week, but the backlinks remained. This shoelace website is now #1 on Google for the keywords "shoelace" and "shoe lace".

Be creative and find content of a similar nature that you can use for your business. Write "catchy" titles that make the content edgy or humorous. Or look for content that is political or newsworthy and make it relevant to your business and give it a try. Even if you only get 5 backlinks to your site, they will be more valuable than "link trading" or begging a site for a link. And each time you refine this strategy and submit, the links could build and build. One of these posts could catch on and you may be the one who gets 300 links for 10 minutes worth of work.

Works with Digg.com, StumbleUpon.com and Reddit.com

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tom Antion: Another Retreat This Weekend!

Well, it's Retreat time again!

This Thursday, April 2, the mentees roll in for another great immersion weekend to learn how to market their businesses on the Internet.

Who's coming this time:

* Kristy Hall

* Jerry Jiminez

* Pamela Enders

* Christie Northrup

* Robert Northrup

* Rick Dibasio

Tom and all the employees of Antion and Associates welcome these hard working people this weekend and can't wait to help them realize their dreams of self employment and success!

How can you visit the Retreat Center?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tom Antion: Using Humor To Make A Point

One of the old saws of public speaking says that you should "Tell em what you're gonna tell em. Tell em. Then tell em what you told em."

When you want to make a point during your presentation, you can use a similar formula. You tell em the point, illustrate the point, then tell em the point again. This formula, however, can seem boring and redundant if you don't spice it up a little. One way to do it is to use humor. Here's the formula:

1. Make your point.
2. Illustrate your point (in our case with a humorous two-liner, but you could use props, humorous props, funny stories, serious stories, case studies, etc.)
3. Restate your point.Here's an example where your point is "The Importance of Communication."
1. First make your point by saying, Accurate and clear communication is an important part of our everyday lives.
2. Then illustrate your point. In this case use a humorous two-liner. It's like the student pilot who was asked over the radio to state his altitude and location. He said, "I'm five feet nine and I'm in the left seat."
3. Then restate your point in a slightly different manner by saying, You can see how what we may think is clear communication could be interpreted incorrectly especially when people are underpressure.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tom Antion: Tom's On Wikipedia

Check out my Wikipedia Listing!

Here's the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Antion

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