Monday, April 12, 2010

Public Speaking: Media Marketing Revisited

Media marketing is really a fun way to market because with the electronic methods of reaching out today, you do not have to face much rejection because your prospects call you.

They call you after being pre-qualified because they have either:
A.) Heard you on the radio,
B.) Seen you on TV,
C.) Read an article "by" you,
D.) Read an article "about" you
E.) Read a comment you were asked to make because you are the "expert" on a particular topic.

Whenever someone calls after having been exposed to you in the media the entire nature of the phone call changes. You are not trying to find out if they need your services, or if they have money. In many cases they call and ask, "do you speak" or "are you available to speak?"

Over the past year I have created much more reference information for you that will make your media marketing efforts much easier to implement. They will also teach you how to be "great" when you appear in the media. Here are my recommendations from some of my CDs:

"Kick Start Your Media Marketing: How to Get Speaking Clients to Call You" by Tom Antion

"Kick Up a Media Storm: How to Get FREE or REALLY CHEAP Publicity" With special guest "The Publicity Hound" Joan Stewart

"Kick the Ears off Your Audience: How to Be GREAT on the Radio" With special guest "The Radio Genius" Joel Roberts

"Kick Through Your Database to Sell Tons of Products & Services on the Radio" With special guest, "Mr. Radio Database" Joe Sabah You can see the complete descriptions of these targeted speaker reference materials at