Monday, April 19, 2010

Tom Antion: Reviving

Tom Antion is getting back involved with to deliver great marketing content. He has partnered with Colin Martin and Marc Bullard to restructure the site to include all of the most cutting edge Internet marketing information available on the web.

New topics will include:

* Video production techniques
* Online media publishing
* Advanced social networking
* Relationship Marketing
* Wordpress Blog Creation
* Blogging super tips
* Viral video marketing
* The most current SEO tactics
* and much more.

A new membership structure will be easier to access by marketing students of all levels. Constant review and updating of material using Camtasia training videos, recorded teleclasses and Rap sessions on MP3 and fresh new cutting edge articles by guest contributers will insure up to date training for the newbie or advanced students.

Look towards the future of Internet marketing and grow your business on the web!