Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tom Antion at the Rockstar Real Estate Event

Hello Investor (and Non Investor) Friends!

We’ve put together this one day event with you in mind. All of these particular speakers have inspired us and helped us in our career. We wanted to share them with you so you too can find inspiration and success!

Look at the special guests we have in store:

Tom Antion

Glenn Morshower

Craig Duswalt

And Rockstar Real Estate Investor Frank McKinney!

Friends, this event is intended for EVERYONE.

We realize that most everyone in our world is a real estate investor, but this super day is intended to be a totally LIFE CHANGING day for anyone in attendance. So bring everyone you know. We don’t care if you’re an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom, somebody’s employee, a student or even unemployed. You’ll leave a different person. If you have issues with money, relationships, health or anything else, we believe this event can and will help. You’re going to have fun! You’re going to be entertained! You’re going to take home practical information to put in use that day! And your world, no matter who you are, will be ROCKED!

Find out all you need to know!