Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MultiFaceted and Fabulous Testimonial - Tom Antion - Internet Guru

Ronda Fisher, Motivational Keynote speaker, author, and life coach. "MultiFaceted & Fabulous : Turning Women Under Pressure into Priceless Diamonds"

"Hi it's Tom Antion and I'm here at the Rock Star System for Success and I just got a chance to see a lady named Ronda Fisher. Now I really wasn't thinking that there'd, I'd even pay attention to what she's talking about because she has a message for women. Her message is based on a book called Multifaceted and Fabulous: Turning Women under Pressure into Diamonds. Awesome topic but you know I didn't feel like it applied to me but as I was listening to her, um I saw that gee, if I would get with women that had this kind of information, it would be a much greater relationship all the way around so I was looking at my own self and my own choices in life and how hey, if I looked for women who had these priceless diamond mentalities that Ronda talks about, I think I'd get along a lot better in life. So for you guys hey get this for your girlfriend or relationships and I think it will do you a lot of good."