Friday, July 30, 2010

Tom Antion: Five tips on how to be funny while using A/V

Five tips on how to be funny while using A/V

Project a funny opening overhead or slide to help people get in fun as they
arrive for the presentation.

Use a funny pointer. I have several small pointers that I use for overhead
projection. One looks like a little hand pointing a finger, one is a bunny
rabbit, and one is a dinosaur. They never fail to get a laugh when I use them.
The trick is to put them on the overhead projector and go on with the
presentation as if nothing is happening (deadpan expression). The bunny and
dinosaur are simply erasers on children's pencils. The little hand was
purchased from a presentation supply company. If I feel like pointing to the
screen, I use a plastic "may the force be with you" sword. You could use a
golf club or baseball bat or whatever you want. Try to find some excuse to
tie the prop pointer into the theme of your presentation, i.e., (for a golf club)
If we use ABC method we are likely to score a hole in one.

Use the element of surprise. Don't tell the audience that a funny slide or
overhead is coming.

Briefly show self-effacing or funny life shots of you, or your family, your
kids, your dog, etc. Let them pop on the screen as if they accidentally got
mixed in with your business slides or overheads. With flip charts, turn the
page to accidentally on purpose show your children's scribbling or a grocery
note from your spouse, etc.

Fill up the frame with your funny object when using slides, overheads, or
video. The impact is much greater.

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