Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tom Antion: Membership Site Tips

Memberships sites are still a valid way to attract customers and keep getting paid residually each and every month, but there are a few things you have to pay attention to.

Internet customers are tightening their wallets just like any other consumer. They won't be inclined to keep paying for services every month if there is nothing new going on. When a new customer joins a membership site they can see very quickly if their investment is going to be worth it. What can you do to keep your members happy?

1) Obviously, keep as much new content rolling in as possible. A member can look at the latest posted articles to see the date of the post. If it was 2 years ago, your in trouble.

2) Customers join membership sites for the networking with other members. This is the appeal as opposed to just buying a CD and listening to it in your car. Members will post questions and comments on the discussion boards for input. Make sure you encourage your other members and your staff to check the discussion boards often to answer questions.

3) Use as much multimedia as possible. You never know what technique to deliver content will be most popular with members. Membership site software can easily publish audio and video, so use it. Members also want to be able to access files and information that they can take with them. Make sure MP3's can be downloaded by members to their iPods and players.

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