Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tom Antion Speaking: Voice Care Tips

=> When speaking all day, if possible, disappear during lunch and rest your voice.

=> Use a microphone whenever possible . . . even for small groups.

=> Keep luke warm water available on stage.

=> Drink lots of water the day BEFORE your presentation.

=> Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea which tend to dehydrate your vocal chords.

=> Avoid carbonated beverages which could cause belching.

=> Avoid any creamy food products like ice cream, milk etc. because it causes phlegm.

=> Avoid screaming and talking extremely loud.

=> In cold weather wear a warm scarf, turtle necks, etc.

=> Warm up your voice before you speak.

=> Test different citrus fruits or fruit drinks (not sugary) to find the best method for you to clear congestion from your vocal chords.

=> Avoid clearing your throat excessively.

=> Start your speech out in a low range of voice. Crescendo to peaks in your speech. If you start out in a high range of voice and then try to crescendo, you may strain your voice.

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