Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Public Speaking - An Anatomy of an Introduction

Here with us today to talk about a lighter way to do business is 1{Tom Antion}. Tom is the 2{author} of six books and is now working on his seventh which is titled Business Lite: Humor, Effectiveness & The Bottom Line.

Tom brings to us a 3 {great depth of small business experience. He owned an apartment rental business and a hotel before he graduated from college. He currently owns four small businesses}. 4,5 {His consulting firm Antion & Associates helps companies & individuals realize the great benefits associated with enthusiasm and lightheartedness in the workplace}. 6 {Tom is a frequent keynote speaker before all types of business & civic groups}. 7 {The last time he spoke, the audience was glued to their seats. . . . Tom did this to make sure no one left}. 8,9 {Here to help us discover a lighter and more profitable way to manage our businesses} is Tom Antion 10{(lead enthusiastic applause)}

1. Name mentioned several times.
2. The word author means credibility.
3. Business experience means credibility.
4. Mentions availability to consult, plus establishes in the audience's mind that you help other companies.
5. Benefits to audience.
6. Shows availability for other talks.
7. Easily delivered joke (gives them hope that NO ZZZZZs are forthcoming).
8. Subject.
9. Benefits to audience.
10. Reminds them to applaud.

Nothing in this introduction underscores the fact that I'm going to be really funny. Had I put in the introduction that this will be the funniest presentation you have ever heard, I would have built an instant resistance. The audience would dig in and say to themselves, "Yeah, let's see how funny this guy really is." It makes it much easier on you to sneak up on them. Here's another benefit for you. If you don't turn out to be all that funny, you will not have bombed because you still delivered your serious message. If you advance bill yourself as funny, the exact same presentation could be considered a bomb.

A breakdown other public speaking techniques...