Friday, May 6, 2011

Antion and Associates New Facebook Page

Tom Antion has just jazzed up his new Facebook fan page with a TON of great freebies when you click 'Like.'

Join your friends and learn the latest techniques in Internet marketing and public speaking.

Look at all you will get for free:

3 MP3's:

* Top Ten Ways To Make Money Speaking

* Media Star Power: How to Become a Celebrity and Media Darling All at the Same Time

* How To Become A Professional Public Speaker

2 PDF transcripts:

* Repurposing: How to Take What You Know and Sell It in 19 Different Ways

* Sell Your Knowledge For Big Bucks in the Continuing Education Market

2 free e-books in PDF format:

* Wake 'Em Up Business Presentations

* Greatest American Speeches Vol. 1

And access a free 7 day visit to Tom's mentor site:

Be sure to tell your friends!

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2) Inside the 'share' box, click on "send as message" to email the link to the page to your friends!