Monday, November 4, 2013

3 Quick Tips for Self Publishing Authors

Many authors are choosing the option to self publish their book on the kindle platform. Social media should become a priority when you are trying to create a buzz for your book. You should have a strategic approach because if done correctly social media can help you market your book effectively. If you feel totally confused and not sure where to start this blog post is for you. I am going to cover 3 mistakes that authors make everyday and how to fix them quickly.

1. No plan for Social Media 

 You log in to your social media accounts, like a few posts, update a link then log out. Deep down you know that you should use your time better but just don’t know what to do to stay focused on your goals.

Recommendation: Schedule your time and start thinking of yourself as an business. To be effective on social media you need:

1. To create and publish your own content

2. Get ideas from other people in your industry to stay current

3. Read articles and blog posts so that you can share your thoughts about what you read with your community.

4. ENGAGE you have to get out there and talk to people in your industry.

2. Develop a relationship with reviewers 

Just like you, reviewers are busy. If you think that requesting reviews by emailing  or messaging different book bloggers will get you reviews, think again!

Recommendation: Establish a relationship with different book bloggers. You can start out by leaving comments on their blog, re-tweeting their posts, or asking for advice. This is a much more friendly and strategic approach so when you are ready to ask for a review you will not be a complete stranger.

3. Don’t automate everything 

Yes scheduled tweets and updates help save a lot of time but it is counter productive if you don’t back them up by actually engaging with your community.

Recommendation: Join the conversation! Being social will help people learn who the human is behind the book. Your target audience wants to know you! Reach out and talk to people. Post 80 percent content 20 percent marketing.

These are 3 really quick tips that any author can implement into their current social media strategy to market their book.

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