Thursday, October 3, 2013

Effective Linking Strategies for 2014

Are you trying to get high rankings in Google without getting in trouble?

Backlinking is critical to search engine positioning. Many strategies that worked in the past are not effective anymore. I put on an educational webinar that covers the best link building techniques to get your site ranking better in Google.

“Linking Strategies 2014: How to Get High Rankings in Google without Getting in Trouble”

This powerful webinar replay is available for download now.

You will learn:

=> The major change announcements by Google that could hurt your site  terribly if you continue to use old link building techniques.
=> “Link Schemes” . . . do one of these and you may get a manual review by Google…And believe me you don’t want that.
=> Why link building by itself isn’t the holy grail of high Google rankings . . . you must add one specific thing to your site or Google doesn’t trust you.
=> How even if you do things perfectly, one simple, yet little known new technique could sink your site.
=> 3 Things I used to teach that used to be good, but will now kill your chances of success . . . sorry about that, but if there’s one  thing for sure about the net…it’s going to change and you must
change with it.
=> The most current ways to get “natural” links that will never get you in trouble with Google . . .Even though they’re current, I’ve been doing them for years.
=> What you can continue doing safely in your link building efforts.
=> How to keep Google from thinking that your site is part of a ”Bad Neighborhood” of sites.
And like all my teleclasses, you’ll get much, much more.