Friday, January 6, 2012

Tom Antion - Sexist Language

The use of sexist language is something you must also be careful to avoid in order to be in tune with today's society. There is an excellent section about this topic in the book Speak Like a Pro by Margaret Bedrosian. A salesman is now a salesperson. A fireman is now a firefighter. You don't look for a chairman for a meeting, you look for someone to chair the meeting or a chairperson.

You must be very careful in your use of humor in these sensitive times. People may fixate on one wrong word and tune you out and/or be offended. You may personally feel that using a little off-color joke once in awhile is OK, or you may think that no harm is done in using sexist language whenever you feel like it. I can assure you that you are wrong when it comes to professional presentations. Do whatever you want with your friends, but if you persist in any of these behaviors you will be labeled as "out-of-touch" and largely unpromotable in virtually every major corporation.

Tom will pay YOU to read this book!