Monday, October 3, 2011

Tom Antion - Optimizing Your Video Titles

I recommend making as many videos as possible to advertise your services and business on the web. Making a video is relatively easy, but how do you get the most bang for your video buck?

Keyword Research

Before you even shoot your first video, you need to do keyword research to find a title and tags for the video. Go to and put the main keyword for your business in the form. You'll get 100 related keyword phrases and the number of searches a day on those phrases. Instead of just using the keywords with the most searches, scroll down to see the "longtail" keywords that are usually towards the end of the list. In a related keyword search for "public speaking", you'll find search phrases such as "getting over the fear of public speaking", "making money with public speaking", "annoying public speaking habits" and so forth. These are called "longtail" keywords and they make great titles for your videos. Your videos titled with these phrases can get a higher search result on Google, rather than using just "public speaking", which has much more competition.

Titling Videos

Be sure and title your videos with a main keyword and then a long tail keyword. For example:

* Public Speaking: Annoying Public Speaking Habits or
* Relationship Help: Where Can I Find A Soulmate or
* Leadership Skills: Skills and Tasks Required For Effective Team Leadership

Google and the other major search engines will look for the exact matches between the titles of your videos and what someone typed into a search box.

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