Monday, August 29, 2011

Tom Antion - 5 Ways to Add Fun to Any Presentation

1. Engage an entertaining speaker/humorist--Speakers and humorists provide more than just entertainment. By definition a speaker/humorist provides some percentage of meaningful message that is delivered with humor.

2. Engage a comedian--Comedians normally provide 100 percent entertainment with little or no message.

3. Announce a mystery guest--a mystery guest could be a real celebrity, a top industry figure or a celebrity impersonator. Keep your eyes open for celebrities who may be in the area at the time of your meeting. These people may be willing to stop by for some extra publicity.

4. Plant shills in the crowd--Hire an actor or enlist a boisterous friend to heckle the speaker. Of course, this should be coordinated with the speaker. Funny lines and responses could be written for both the speaker and heckler.

5. Plan audience gags--Solicit fun audience members to participate in funny situations. For instance, audience members could be recruited to jump up and run out of the room when it is announced that IRS investigators have just entered the building.

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