Friday, November 19, 2010

Tom Antion - FREE IMTC Brochure

The Internet Marketing Training Center is founded on a legacy of success!

Our founder Tom Antion has been selling on the commercial Internet since its beginning in the
mid nineties. Tom became an Internet multi-millionaire only four years after he received good
training. He’s helped hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs earn full and part
time incomes on the Internet. Many have taken what they have learned and used it on a
consulting basis to help other businesses thrive on the web. Others have bolstered their
positions in their jobs by bringing great value and return on investment to the companies for
which they work.

Learn to use the Internet to make money. There’s never been a better time than now.

IMTC provides you with an opportunity to learn the same hands on, real world techniques Tom has taught hundreds of others.

These are methods that you can use immediately. They are designed to help you earn money on the Internet.

As an IMTC graduate, you will know how to use low cost Internet tools to help businesses earn
large returns on their web related investments. This specialized knowledge, along with the
skills you acquire, positions you to be in high demand after graduation.

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