Friday, August 6, 2010

Public Speaking Distractions

One of the frustrating things about speaking is that sometimes the group on the
other side of an air wall is having more fun than you and your attendees. There's
nothing like making a serious point and hearing a huge roar of laughter coming
from the adjacent room. It makes a speaker feel awkward, How come they are
having so much fun and my folks aren't even laughing?
Well, I found the solution. I keep a set of three juggling balls concealed by
the side of my computer (I do lots of computer presentations). If the group next
door starts laughing loudly, I stop in the middle of my presentation and pause.
I then say to my audience, "I hate when other people are having more fun than
we are. I think we should get even." I then pick up my juggling balls and start
to do a variety of juggling tricks. I juggle for about 20-30 seconds. I stop and
everybody claps and cheers. Then, I turn to the offending folks across the air
wall and say "Take that!" and I go on with the seminar.