Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tom Antion: Creating A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is pulling out all the stops in letting you promote your business, book or band with the Fan Page. Unlike the personal profiles that have a limit of 5000 friends, there is no limit to how many fans you can have. This makes a fan page ideal for branding your business image on the Internet.

The fan page is very similar to the personal profile in appearance and is completely different from a group page. A fan page can have tabs across the top to access multiple pages of content such as photos, a welcome page and a variety of applications. For each new page you create, a new tab can appear. Fan pages allow you to promote your business on Facebook that the personal profile can not.

To create a fan page, follow the link at log-in that says "Create a Page." You can name the page anything you want, but promoting your business is a valuable asset to your online branding. After you have accumulated 1000 fans, Facebook will let you add a username to your domain:

This can get good search engine positioning for any keywords or brand names that you put in the domain. Fans can be updated on recent additions to the page such as new video uploads, tagging people in photos or new events that you post. Be sure to use your page to let your fans know everything that is going on in your business.